Care of Your Resin Jewellery

Caring for your resin jewellery will keep it looking fantastic and pristine to wear for many years to come.   Following these simple steps will ensure your jewellery stays in tip-top condition

  • In summary – treat your jewellery with love and care, it will be a joy to wear every waking hour of every day.  follow this simple guidance to ensure your piece is kept in great condition
  • Water
    Resin is water resistant, but is not water proof.  Please don’t wear your resin in the bath, shower or swimming
  • Chemicals & perfume
    Perfume, deodorant and any other chemical should be kept away from your jewellery.  Please apply your perfumes etc., before you put your jewellery on to ensure it’s kept away from any chemicals
  • Cleaning
    We recommend cleaning by polishing with microfibre cloth, if this isn’t enough, please use mild soap and water, rinse gently and dry with the soft microfibre.  This should keep your jewellery in top condition.
  • Storage
    Please don’t store your jewellery for long periods of time in direct sunlight as this can damage the appearance of the piece.  Of course, it’s fine to wear in sunlight – it will look fantastic! – but storage should be away from the sun
  • Scrapes and scratches
    Please treat your jewellery as a fine piece.  If it’s worn gardening, cleaning or the like the risk of scratches and damage will increase.  The resin is vulnerable to being scratched, so please take care when you’re doing anything that puts your jewellery at risk of being scraped, scratched or damaged.
  • Extreme heat
    Really isn’t good for the piece.    Resin is technically a plastic – so if you think about how heat can affect plastics, then you can see what damage extreme heat can do,   Body heat is fine, even when the body is in the sunshine … we all love that!

Your jewellery is a unique piece, love it, wear it, enjoy it !

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