Crystals & Stones

It’s popular belief that crystals and stones that come from the earth have vibrations and properties that can be healing and have metaphysical properties.   Having crystals with you is believed to be beneficial and here at Clearly Unique we are open minded on this subject.

We don’t guarantee that stones will work for you, but we thought it would be interesting to you to add details of the stated  properties of the stones that we use in our jewellery,  We hope you find this as interesting and fascinating as we do!

  • Amazonite (stress relief stone)
    A white stone that’s said to be for calming the nervous system  and aiding with stress relief
  • Amethyst (master healing stone)
    This purple quartz is aid to be one of the master healing stones and is powerful in aiding bringing dreams to life.
    Physical: Balancing hormones, relief of head ache, tension relief and sleep aid.
  • Aventurine (the lucky stone)
    Said to be the stone of luck and prosperity and is great to carry with you if you’re going to the races!
    Physically, it’s good for the heart, blood and circulation and recovery from physical trauma
  • Citrine (the money stone)
    The golden, yellow quartz is the money stone and said to be connected to wealth. Carried to business meetings, to the bank to attract wealth and stability,
    Physically, this stone is said to increase metabolism and stimulate the brain to work more quickly.
  • Garnet (Health & creativity stone)
    Said to encourage free and creative thought, removing inhibutions
    Physical:  Aids clotting of blood, assisting with metabolism and improving sexual desires
  • Jade (Master healer |& dream stone)
    Said to help with the expression of feelings of love
    Physical:  Easing of joint pain and assisting healing after surgery in particular, but overall healing throughout the physical and emotional body
  • Lapis Lazuli (stone of truth)
    Beautiful blue crystal is associated with royalty and abundance and is said to assist the carrier with good judgement and wisdom.
    Physical: Ease of throat and voice conditions, and close brain association it’s said to aid with ADD
  • Quartz Crystal (THE master healer)
    This crystal contains all the colours of the spectrum and carried with you is said to bring an increase to the energy in the body.  It’s the stone of the higher intentions and is said to be an aid to manifesting your dreams
  • Rhodonite (Survivor stone)
    This stone is grounding and is said to be the stone of the true survivor. Said to restore the energy that’s been lost by trauma, assisting in renewing self-esteem. Great for teenagers!
    Physical: Helping with the sense of hearing,
  • Rose Quartz (stone of pure love)
    The pink quartz is said to be the stone of true, unconditional love.  The carrier is open to finding new love or deepening existing love.
    Physical:  The heart, emotional healing to improve circulation and lower blood pressure.
  • Golden Tigers Eye (The reasoning stone)
    A part of the quartz family, this stone grounds and aids reasoning over emotion.
    Good for times of stress, such as exams, tests, trials as it is said to promote attention to detail
  • Tourmaline (the protection stone)
    Believed to stimulate self love and survival of the physical body.  This stone is both emotional and physical .  It’s said to generate a shield of protection around the body
  • Unakite (the balance stone)
    Said to aid in balancing the emotional and the physical, this stone is said to aid healing and promote successful pregnancy.

We do hope you love selecting and wearing your stones, but if you are suffering from any ailment, we encourage you to take proper medical advice from a qualified professional, use your stones as complimentary by all means, but ensure you get qualified treatment first and foremost,