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Hand Made, only ever one of each piece

Welcome to Clearly Unique, the place to come for your next piece of fashion jewellery.  All our pieces are individually designed and hand made, so you can be confident that when you wear your jewellery there will never be anyone wearing the same thing.

We use a high quality resin for constructing our pieces adding the most colourful, real flowers, semi-precious gemstones and aurora boralis crystals.  We also use tiny holographic sparklies to give your jewellery that subtle sparkle, and beautifully detailed enhancements such as butterflies and seashells

All our items come in a gift box that’s ready for giving your gift, if it’s for yourself, the box is ideal to store your piece.

If you spot anything on our shop that you like, please feel free to buy.  If it’s sold already, we’re sorry, but we can’t make another one the same, they’re all unique.   We can, however, make something similar, so please drop us a message and we’ll be pleased to help.

Please see our other posts for details of the products we use in manufacturing our items.

Your next piece of jewellery?

Your next piece of jewellery should be unique, modern, pretty and versatile to match your personality and your outfits.

You’re in the right place!!  All our jewellery is individually designed and hand made, Clearly Unique.

Take a look around, we hope you see something that you like and that gives you inspiration to have something made that’s just for you, that no one else can copy and that you will enjoy wearing every day.

Clearly Unique – Every piece is individual art

Welcome to our little workshop where we produce accessories for you to wear.  Each piece is individually created completely by hand and so is a one-off.   We never produce in numbers, everything is completely unique and there will never be another piece exactly like it.

In our jewellery, we use real flowers, AB Crystals and semi-precious gemstones combined with natural pigment colours some of which have a metallic or pearlised finish to give stunning and unique pieces.

All our pendants can be matched with your choice of waxed, braided cotton neck cord (18″ long with a 2″ adjustment chain) or neck chain in silver or gold plated or antique gold finish.

If you see something you like and it’s already been sold (they don’t usually hang around for long!) simply send us a message with the reference number of the item, we can make something similar for you in the colours of your choosing. 

We can also personalise the pieces that we make to order in the colours of your choice. Drop us a line and we’ll be pleased to advise you of what we can do